Atco celebrated 50 years in business in 2009
Fire Suppression
The forests are the 'life line' of ATCO Wood Products and they need to be protected. ATCO prides itself on a very proactive Fire Prevention and Suppression program.

Being a responsible steward of the land, fire prevention is a main focus of ATCO Wood Products. Fire prevention is achieved by prioritizing and ensuring the rapid removal of a fire hazard, such as damaged timber caused by forest health issues (blowdown/insect/disease). This is also achieved by addressing harvesting debris in a timely manner post harvest to reduce the fuel loading on the ground. These actions maintain a healthy forest, and in general terms, a healthy forest is a low fire risk.

ATCO's belief is the impact of a fire is greatly reduced by a rapid detection and response. Along with the appropriate fire suppression equipment, ATCO has a dedicated, highly trained crew of firefighters, consisting of staff, consultants and contractors on call 7 days a week to get the job done.