Atco celebrated 50 years in business in 2009
Harvesting & Roads
When it comes to harvesting and road construction activities, ATCO Wood Products' goal is to operate in a manner that limits environmental impact. To achieve this from a harvesting standpoint, ATCO has a team of local dedicated contractors that each specialize in one of the several methods of harvesting (mechanized conventional / small cat / cable / cable with intermediate). This wide array of local talent allows ATCO to select the right machine for the job. To minimize environmental impacts from road construction, ATCO implements a Total Chance Planning approach which minimizes the amount of permanent main access roads on the landbase. For spur roads that do not provide future access, ATCO implements road recontouring practices that bring this land back to productive forest land. ATCO ensures that all contractors strive for a high environmental protection standard through routine training and field inspections.